Delivery methods

If you don’t have an opportunity to take the goods from our store, you can use delivery service.

Address delivery or delivery to your city store:

We work with such delivery companies as “Delivery”, “Nova Poshta”, “Meest Express”.

The goods delivery is paid by the recipient when got according to the delivery company prices (“Delivery”, “Nova Poshta”, “Meest Express”).

You can calculate the cost of delivery on the websites of the companies Delivery, New Mail, Meest Express.

Delivery cost depends on the amount (in case of using the cash on delivery service, only through "New Mail", "Meest Express"), quantity, dimensions and packaging of the goods.

Pick-up from our store:

You can pick-up the goods from our store. Agree this with our manager.

Our store address:
ALC „Zhytomyr Roofing and Insulation Materials Factory”
1, Tankistiv street
Zhytomyr, 10031



Payment into the account

Total payment should be prepaid at the seller's bank account.