About us

ALC“Zhytomyr Roofing and Insulation Materials Factory”is the leader of production and sales of high-quality roofing, thermal-, hydroinsulation materials on the market of Ukraine. The relevance and popularity of materials, which are produced by the company, has been growing.

The strategy of the company is aimed at monitoring all the technical innovations in the market of building materials, offering a range of products that would meet all the requirements of our customers, regardless of the level of complexity of the task. One of the key factors that influence the production quality, alongside of high technologies, is aqualified staff. The company employs highly qualified experts in the field of polymer-bitumen mastic and bitumen insulation materials production.

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  • Production and products according to GOST.
  • Time-tested quality.
  • Factory Price.
  • A personal offer for each customer.
  • Help choosing the best solution.



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