About us


About us

ALC “Zhytomyr Roofing and Insulating Materials Plant” is the leader of production and sales of high-quality roofing, thermal-hydroisolating materials on the market of Ukraine. The relevance and popularity of materials, which are produced by the plant, has been growing.
The strategy of the enterprise is aimed at monitoring of all the technical innovations in the market of building materials, offering a range of products that would meet all the requirements of our customers regardless of the level of complexity of the task.
We have strictly controled production quality. We guarantee quality, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates. Production of materials only in accordance with state standards and specifications – that is our uncompromising attitude.
The company offers rolled waterproofing materials for installing protective coating, waterproofing, pipelines, utilities, roofs, foundations, floors and pipes:
– Waterproofing Foil (ФГ);
– Roofing Foil (ФК);
– Asphalt Roofing Paper Foil;
– Thermal Insulation Paper.


What we produce?

"Breathing", eco-friendly material, asphalt roofing paper, is gaining increasing popularity as hydro-vapor barrier in the repair and construction of roofs andhydroinsulation of warmth-keeping lagging.
Well representedwrapping materials:
- paraffin lining paper;
- double-layer waterproof lining paper;
- bitumen wrapping paper;
- bitumen packing paper.


Types of products

ALC „Zhytomyr Roofing and Insulation Materials Factory”produces mastic for road construction and airfields runways repair - РБВ-25, 35. Consumers of this mastic are: road construction companies, civil and military airports of Ukraine, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Moldova.
Our new product - Bitumen-Rubber Dispersion Mastic (cold) “Izomast – KIM”, which is used for waterproofing basements, roof arrangement, is easy to use and is highly competitive with expensive European counterparts.
Mastic MBR-65, 75, 90, 100 has a wide range of applications from waterproofing the foundation to the roof construction.
Special mastic, accumulator, and compounds for cable boxes filling are in high demand among industrial enterprises of Ukraine.



The company provides delivery to any part of Ukraine. Smaller shipments arecarried out by delivery companies («Nochnoi Express», «САТ», «Euro Express», «Nova Poshta», «Autolux»).